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What do I do if my Chromebook is broken?
Last Updated 3 years ago

From any computer go to: or you can find the link on the Senior High School website on the left side navigation bar as EWG Tech Helpdesk.

Once there you want to Open a New Ticket.

When creating a ticket:
  • Choose a help topic (in this case it should be Report a Problem/Broken Device)
  • Fill out the ticket with as much relevent information as you can. If you include your cell or home phone number we might call or text you for more information if it's necessary.
  • Under Location of Device put Library Media Center as that's where you will be taking it to be repaired.
Proceed to the Library Media Center to hand in broken device and get a loaner device. Unless you are having an issue with your charger, do not turn it in with the Chromebook to be repaired. Remember that loaners are your responsibility to be brought to school charged and ready to use every day.

You will be contacted by the tech department that they received your request and it will be processed.

You may track the progress of your repair by clicking the link in the Helpdesk email you received when you opened the ticket.

*If individual help is needed, please see Ms. Winner or Mrs. Guindon in the Library/Media Center.

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